Popular Social Media Apps in 2014

Feb 11, 2014

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The influence and presence of social media is growing exponentially; for teens, it is a staple in their social life. Instead of trying to learn how to block websites, become acquainted with the newest social networks and help your children remain safe online. A few networks that are spreading quickly and gaining popularity this year are: Impossible, Shots of Me, and Sportlobster.

Impossible is a new social media website and app that is a mix of Quora and Instagram. It encourages selflessness and kindness. Users post “wishes” or ask for help. “Impossible” then displays the requests so that people can offer their help or resources… for free. It is a new spin on social media and supports the “pay-it-forward” mindset. 

Shots of Me has nothing unique or selfless about it. This app’s main investor is Justin Bieber who encourages “Shots of Me” users to post selfies only. There are no filters, or any type of reward system. Its use is simply is to display selfies along with sending messages and posting hashtags. “Shots of Me” is somewhat of a competitor to Snapchat, but the pictures stay posted forever.

It is rated 12+ and can be downloaded from the iTunes app store.

Sportlobster: Twitter and Facebook, meet ESPN. This is a social networking site and app for sports fanatics. Users can login and create their own profile using Twitter, Facebook or email. Once a profile is created, users can personalize it by choosing which sports they would like to follow (there are 30 options, from Football to Triathlons.) Other aspects of this new social network are creating blogs, personalized calendars, adding friends, joining groups, and sharing videos and photos based on specific sports.  

Sportlobster can be downloaded from the iTunes app store.

Not all social networks are hazardous for children to use. Parents should familiarize themselves with various networks and recognize which are and are not dangerous. NetNanny.com has several articles and webinars about internet safety- visit to learn more.