Pinterest Will Soon Allow "Artistic" Nudity

Jun 06, 2013

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Pinterest Logo 350News flash: Pinterest decides to officially allow "artistic" nudity. Perhaps the pressure to conform to "standards" imposed by other social networks like Tumblr have caused a change. Perhaps the onslaught of users posting nudity and pornography in volume has made it difficult to keep up. In either case, we're not certain.

And, what is "artistic" nudity?  I think the jury is partially out on that one.

In the past, Pinterest banned sexual content, non-artistic nudity, and partial nudity. The Acceptable Use Policy says so. You can read it at: But, the issue is going to be muddied.

On Pinterest, if you search a term like “sex” or “nude,” you are notified that Pinterest does not allow some nudity. The message says:

Pinning or repinning photos displaying breasts, buttocks or genitalia may result in the termination of your Pinterest account.

Though somewhat straightforward, the message and policy are not obvious and will be prone to personal interpretation. Moving forward, Pinterest is going to have a problem making a clear distinction between artistic nudity and pornographic nudity and other types of nudity.

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