Parent’s Pornography Usage Affects Children

Jan 07, 2015

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A young child borrows her father’s tablet to play a game. She unlocks the tablet and notices some pornographic images her father had been looking at. She goes to her mom, who confronts the father and finds out about a pornography addiction.

Unfortunately, a child finding a parent’s pornography is a common thing. In the past, children would find a hidden stash of pornographic magazines. Now, children are stumbling across pornography that a parent has downloaded onto a tablet or smartphone.

Counselors have met with children facing this situation and have found that there are a lot of consequences associated with accidentally finding pornography on a parent’s device. Many counselors have treated pornography addicts whose first encounter with pornography was accidentally stumbling across a stash a parent had.

Some parents believe that because their addiction to pornography is “hidden,” it doesn’t affect their children. However, even a “hidden” pornography addiction can affect children. Parents that use pornography may isolate themselves from the family and from their children.

A hidden pornography addiction can also be discovered, and when it is found it can have detrimental effects on the family, especially the children. Many marriages end in divorce after a spouse is found with a pornography addiction. If a parent is found using pornography at work, it could result in that parent’s termination. These situations not only affect the spouse of the addict, but also the children. Parents pull away from their children as they cling to isolation and leave the child without support.

Families can take steps to ensure that both parents and children aren’t exposed to pornography in the home. Rules such as only allowing electronic use in public areas can help prevent family members from using devices in isolation and hiding their usage. Also, installing an internet filter such as Net Nanny can prevent family members from accidentally coming across pornographic websites. Net Nanny can also monitor internet usage and set time restrictions to prevent family members from using devices alone at night.