Parents Need Net Nanny Too

Mar 10, 2009

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I’m not a doctor, a psychiatrist, a counselor or even a religious leader, but I’ve witnessed firsthand how excess and addiction can break families apart and ruin relationships.  I’m not talking specifically about pornography, but anything that may become addictive-- gambling, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gaming, and even shopping.

How does this relate to Net Nanny?  Well, the Internet has become an invaluable source of unlimited information and knowledge; unfortunately for some, it has also augmented the use and availability of unwanted or addictive media.  Here are some creative ways other customers have used Net Nanny to break these bad habits:

The Accountability Buddy:  Install Net Nanny on your computer and have a friend, pastor, counselor, or family member change the password.  Set up email notifications so they know when you visit an inappropriate website and be sure to enable remote reporting so they can regularly view your web activity.  Your accountability buddy will never have to touch your computer because they can manage your settings from anywhere in the world with Net Nanny’s Remote Administration (

Split the Password: This one’s great for friends and couples.  When installing Net Nanny, have one person enter the first half of the password and the second person enter the second half of the password; now neither of you can access Net Nanny without the other person.  Remember, don’t let them see you type and don’t make it obvious to guess.   

Also, Net Nanny has been working closely with Candeo, a company dedicated to fight pornography addiction.  For more about Candeo click here (

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