Only 23.9% of parental control programs actually monitor Social Networking activity

Apr 11, 2011

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I recently read a great article on about ways to protect your kids on Facebook. If you would like to read the article, you can find it here. I won't spend too much time discussing the ten points they go through, but I would like to focus on point number 6: “Invest in Parental Control software that monitors your child's internet activity.

Most parental control programs will monitor web activity, providing easy to read reports that reveal websites visited, etc., but only 23.9% of parental control programs I have personally reviewed actually monitor Social Networking activity. It is not good enough to know what social networking sites your kids are going to and when. As a parent it is important to know what those Facebook and Myspace conversations are about.

The article gives many wonderful suggestions, including not giving your kids an account until they are old enough, but even at the age of 13 a parent would still like to know what their kids are up to in social media. Net Nanny provides a wonderful solution that allows parents to monitor chats, friends, and emails in Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and others. Great news, right?

Now, if you are as excited about reading playground drama line by line as I am, then the next feature will be very important. Net Nanny will send alerts to parents whenever questionable content appears. If your son or daughter's post begins to sound a little too much like a Harlequin book cover, you'll know right away. What's more, Net Nanny will help you detect those weird posers who act like 14 year old boys or girls to seduce your child into…you know.

Net Nanny is not the only software out there that includes these features, but we are one of the best at executing them. I don't say that just because I'm biased. It's true. If you haven't tested us out yet, make sure you find that free trial link for fourteen days. You'll be glad you did.