One-in-Five 9–11 Year-Old Kids Meet a Stranger They Encounter Online

Nov 06, 2013

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Children on the computers.Parents have always warned their children about not talking to strangers. Why should it be any different in online situations?

ISC² Foundation conducted a survey and questioned 1,162 UK primary school children about their online behavior. “Almost one-in-five schoolchildren aged between 9 and 11 years old admitted to meeting up with strangers they speak to on the internet – and in 50% of these instances, the child went alone.” Source

Many people want to protect their children’s online privacy but they are either unaware of how to do so or they just aren’t doing it.

Here are a few precautionary steps that parents can take to help protect their children from online predators, cyberbullying, inappropriate content, etc.  These steps include (but are not limited to) :

  • using different passwords for different sites
  • using a secure Wi-Fi
  • keeping the computer in a high-traffic area in the home
  • talking openly with one another about online activity and dangers.

Results from the survey pointed out that, “Fifteen percent of the children said their parents never check their online activities; more than a third access the internet from the privacy of their bedrooms; and 30% have never received information on how to use the internet safely.” Source

Although the lack of supervision may affect online adolescent safety, children have always had a knack for testing their boundaries whether online or not.  Let Net Nanny help create and solidify those boundaries. With Net Nanny Social parents can monitor activities on every social media site and protect against any questionable activity.