Not All News Was Bad in 2016

Dec 21, 2016

For me, 2016 has been a year of news stories I wish were erased from my mind. From the election to the Kardashians, if I hear one more person ‘venting’ on social media or a news story featuring ‘what celebrity is pregnant because they gained 2 pounds while on vacation’ I may go crazy.

Really?! Is that what people care about?

In an effort to take responsibility for creating some good in the world, I decided to find the stories that make me happy. After all, Mr. Rodgers always told me “Always look for the helpers”. Well, that’s what I did and boy was I inspired by the kindness and generosity of everyday people. Grab your tissues and take a look!

  1. 22 Leapfrog
    Text mistake brings Thanksgiving dinner invitation. A Grandma’s accidental text to a teen sparked a conversation that led to dinner. It’s great to hear positive stories about accidental communication.

  2. 22 Leapfrog
    Cashier pays it forward and secret Santa does the rest. Random acts of kindness inspired someone to buy thousands of dollars worth of presents for strangers. How cool is that?

  3. 22 Leapfrog
    This cop got called into the principal’s office, what he saw when he walked in brought tears to his eyes. When you hear so many stories about misconduct between authorities and youth, it’s great to be reminded of the good that’s happening in many communities around the nation.

  4. 22 Leapfrog
    Pokemon Go saves struggling ice cream shop. Instead of dead bodies and tech addicted teens, this story shows the positive side to the Pokemon Go phenomenon making a huge difference for a struggling entrepreneur.

  5. 22 Leapfrog
    Mark Zuckerburg and Priscilla Chan donate 3 Million to rid world of major illnesses. After seeing many acts of greed in the world, I was impressed by this power couple’s choice to make a very large donation in the medical community.

  6. 22 Leapfrog
    Woman who helped land the first man on the moon and pioneered the software honored at the white house..Good news happening within politics…how refreshing!?

  7. 22 Leapfrog
    Social media helped diagnose a girl’s rare genetic disorder. A father placed a query on Reddit about his daughter’s unusual condition and received an answer from a researcher within 24 hours. After constantly reading about how social media causes tech addiction, cyberbullying, and lack of real communication, it’s great to see the flip side of how social media is helping people to get valuable information quickly.

  8. 22 Leapfrog
    Boy turns the table by inviting his bully to pass out birthday cookies together. This is such a great story about turning a bad situation into something good!

  9. 22 Leapfrog
    Mom starts packing 2 lunches after son notices student with little food eating alone. We could all learn from this amazing mom, couldn’t we?

  10. 22 Leapfrog
    Teen creates app so bullies never have to eat alone again. It’s great to see that we live in an age of technology that even young people can create businesses that make a difference in the world.