New School Year, New Trends

Aug 27, 2015

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teens with mobile phone

This past weekend I met up with a group of friends. They were all talking about a video that a mutual friend had recently posted. I quickly sifted through my thoughts and tried to remember if I had seen the video on Facebook or Instagram; it was on Snapchat.

I admitted that I did not have Snapchat and one of them said, “If you want to know everything that’s going on in our lives, then get Snapchat. If you want us to know what’s going on in your life, get Snapchat.”   

Last year, Snapchat was the fastest growing social network and it is only getting bigger.  Teens are sharing less on Facebook and are displaying live feeds of their day through Snapchat.

When the app was launched four years ago, it was known as the sexting app; users could send direct photos to friends and it would automatically delete within seconds of being opened. Since then, it has evolved and expanded to sharing live stories, discovering, and paying paying peers via Snapcash. The opportunities are endless and ever changing.

As a parent, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest social trends.  Here are a few things that you should know in order to keep up with the growing social network:

  • Teen girls are more likely to use Snapchat  (and any other image-oriented app) than boys.
  •  Snapchat is the third most used social media platform (just behind Instagram and Facebook.)
  •  8,796 snaps are sent EVERY SECOND.
  • 56% of teenage girls between the ages of 15-17 use snapchat. They are the MOST LIKELY teen group to use the app.
  •  More affluent teens are slightly more likely to use Snapchat.

It can be a difficult to keep up with all of the changes and constant launch of new apps.  To stay updated, visit our main blog page for information on all social networks.  Use Net Nanny Social for help monitoring your child’s social networks.

***The statistics used in the article are from Pew Research Center - Teens, Social Media and Technology Overview 2015 and Adweek -How many photos are uploaded to Snapchat Every Second?