New Curriculum: Math, English, Science, Social Media

Jan 28, 2014

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Ten years ago, public platforms on MySpace and Facebook had parents concerned. Although teens were posting selfies and sharing personal information, they still had a measure of privacy.

Now, sharing personal information is common and unquestionable. Users not only post selfies, but have the option of posting current geographical locations, birthdays, emails, phone numbers, schools, etc. Each of these opens various outlets for online threats.

Tweens don’t always know when to draw the line when it comes to over sharing on social media. Although major networks have established an age limit of 13+ there is no one enforcing it; while parents often set up accounts for their younger children.

New Jersey’s Garden State middle schools recognize the potential dangers of these behaviors and have proposed to offer social media classes. Their goal is to protect tweens from online stalkers, cyberbullies, and other threats.

Along with math and grammar courses, they will add instruction on social media behavior and ethics. Lessons will focus on internet safety and security, online trolls, and how to use certain media platforms responsibly- information that could be applied to real life instantly.

The school district is well on their way: the proposed bill has already been passed by the state Senate and has been sent to the state assembly and governor for approval. Once approved, the bill will go into effect immediately.

Teach your children the possible harmful effects of using social media. Help protect them with parental controls and open discussions. Visit for more information.