New children's health study shows parents are worried about Internet Safety

Aug 16, 2012

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A new study published by Clinical Pediatrics (July 26), a peer-reviewed monthly journal for pediatricians, revealed health-related issues parents are most concerned about for their children. The survey was completed by 1,119 parents from various demographic groups.

Out of 30 items listed as health problems for children, oddly enough Internet safety was identified as the fifth most important issue. Internet safety was of greater parental concern than obesity, smoking, and bullying.

Lack of exercise was identified as the second most important health problem for children, closely trailing allergies by one percentage point. Observing the world we live in, there is a likely association between lack of exercise and the amount of time kids spend with digital devices.

To reduce the worry about Internet safety, parents can rely on parental controls solutions such as Net Nanny or others. Our award-winning software protects your kids from content you don't want them encountering and helps you monitor online activity and be notified when dangerous interactions are taking place. It even allows you to set time controls, creating more time for physical activity.

Do you think Internet safety is an important health concern?

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