New App Promotes Disposable Sexting

Oct 19, 2012

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In past months, a few famous people have gotten in trouble by sending sexually explicit text messages (or sexts). The inappropriate images were sent, then stolen, and posted on the Internet for all to view.

Snapchat is a new iPhone app that allows users to send a photo of any type to another person. There's a similar version for Android called Fancy Snap. A photo sent in a text message with these app is only viewable for up to ten seconds and then it is automatically erased.

What's the point? These apps let people communicate via disposable pictures or messages. Sadly, many quickly saw the potential to use the app for sexting. Any inappropriate pictures sent will be erased, leaving no trace.

No matter how innocent the makers of the app insist it is, the public seems to disagree. If you check the results of a Google search of the term snapchat, after the sponsored links, most articles mention sexting. Of course, the app could be used for innocent fun. It has a drawing feature, so friends could draw on photos of each other and send them to each other for a quick laugh. But the potential for abuse is very high.

Parents should be cautious in allowing teens to download this app, because there's no way to see what photos they are sending. If an adult is in possession of explicit images of children on a smartphone or tablet, it can be considered possession of child pornography. That's a felony.

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