NBC Nightly News recommends Net Nanny

Jan 03, 2017

In the January 2 edition of the “NBC Nightly News” show, Jeff Rossen, the program’s investigative reporter, demonstrated how to protect your kids from hidden smartphone dangers. Rossen sat down with a Mom and downloaded the Net Nanny app onto the child’s phone.

“Net Nanny allows you to control your kids’ internet activity remotely. The cool thing about (Net Nanny) is that you can actually choose the exact website that you want blocked on your kid’s phones,” explained Rossen. “But it goes a step further - you can block the type of websites so dating sites, nudity, pornography, tobacco - you can block those. But it goes even a step further than that. Suicide for example. You can set it to warn mode and you get a warning if your kid types suicide.”

The mother, Fabiana Totoli, was thrilled.

With Net Nanny software, parents can track, monitor, and set up alerts based on their own family’s needs. This allows parents to take a proactive approach to cyberbullying, pornography, suicide, and much more.