More Than Half of Teens Have Suffered Online Bullying

Oct 09, 2015

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Cyberbullying has evolved into something completely different than what it once was. Cyberbullying was once just private name calling and other activities similar to regular bullying. Now, cyberbullying has changed into revenge porn and public ridicule.

In a recent survey, over 50% of children were victims of cyberbullying. Over a third of those children said that they had been victims of cyberbullying up to five different times. Most of the cyberbullying happened on Facebook, with Twitter being another common source of cyberbullying.

The biggest problem with cyberbullying is that it is nonstop. Because kids are constantly on the internet, it is hard to escape. Anytime a child that is a victim of cyberbullying logs in to Facebook or Twitter or any other social media they may use, they see all the horrible things that are targeting them.

Most of the kids in the survey believed that internet safety should be taught in the school. About one third of kids said that they should be learning about internet safety in the home. And about ten percent believed that they could learn internet safety on the internet. Another influence are celebrities: 14 % of kids said they’d listen to celebrities that talk about cyberbullying.

Parents can take a large role in helping protect their children on the internet. Parents can be active on social media and follow their children’s profiles. Parents should also talk to their kids about what to do if they are being bullied by someone online. By doing this, parents can intervene if their child is being cyberbullied or if their child is being a cyberbully.

Educators also have an influence on kids and how they use the internet. While it may be difficult for educators to fit internet safety education in the curriculum, educators can still talk to students about the appropriate use of the internet. If both educators and parents discuss these issues with children, they’ll be more likely to follow the advice.

** The information used in this article is from Mirror