Mom Stops Teen Shooting by Monitoring Facebook

Apr 17, 2014

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A Utah mother may have prevented a planned shooting targeted at her teenage son by monitoring his Facebook page.

On 4 April, this mother was browsing her son’s Facebook page when she saw two threatening comments posted by two other teens.  She read threats and saw the threat on his Facebook page. Salt Lake police detective Greg Wilking said: “There were very specific threats that they were going to go to the high school and shoot her son.”

Mom called her son’s high school to report the comments to school officials. With that, an investigation began. Officials found a picture of a gun on Instagram and gang-related letters written on the hand holding the gun. Also posted was information about where the shooting would occur.

Around 2 p.m. on the appointed shooting day, police officers searched the area around the boy’s high school. One officer discovered the two teens that had posted the threatening comments; they were sitting in a vehicle close to the school. 

The teens potentially may have been waiting for their target to walk out of school. A search of the vehicle led officers to find a loaded gun  and some drug paraphernalia, suggesting a legitimate threat.  

The two boys were arrested and booked in a juvenile detention center on various charges. 

Detective Wilking stressed the importance that parents monitor their teen’s social media accounts and that kids should not be afraid to report anything harmful. 

“Mom obviously was monitoring social media and did the right thing by calling us,” Wilking said. “She saw something…that concerned her and took it seriously, and that’s what parents need to be doing…”

Parents can use Net Nanny Social as a way to monitor their child’s friends, comments, and pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and Facebook.

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