Mobile Security: How Are We Doing?

Mar 07, 2013

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RIM BlackBerry with Padlock We’re not that good at PC and mobile security, according to a new survey by Microsoft. Out of a score of 100, the global average score was 34 for PCs and 40 for mobile. Those are failing grades. We need to do better if we want to protect ourselves and our children.

More and more people are accessing the Internet through their smartphones and tablet computers, and not many of them are thinking about security when they use them. It’s important to have security on your mobile devices because you take them with you everywhere, which means they’re much more likely to get lost or stolen. Only 34% have a PIN on their device to unlock it, meaning that anyone can turn the device on and have instant access to everything on it. This is bad because consumers are starting to do everything on their mobile devices, including banking and shopping, which means that thieves could easily find everything they need to steal your identity. Microsoft recommends protecting your device with a four-digit password that only you know. It seems that we forget that our mobile devices are computers too. They need the same protections and precautions to make them safe.

PCs aren’t exempt from privacy concerns, however. There is still the possibility of downloading malware from clicking on a suspicious link in spam email, or anywhere else online. Oftentimes, malware is downloaded through sketchy porn sites and peer-to-peer sites where people illegally download music and videos. Net Nanny will block these sites, so you have one less thing to worry about.

People already know that their PCs and mobile devices are at risk. And they still aren’t doing anything about it. Take charge of your online safety. Set a good example for your children to follow. If your child has a mobile device, be sure that he or she knows how to protect it. Make sure they have a PIN. Don’t let them add apps without asking you first. Consider using parental Internet controls like Net Nanny so you can keep an eye on them.

I work for NetNanny and all opinions are my own.