Miiverse To Offer Clean Content

Jun 29, 2012

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Have you heard of Miiverse? It's Nintendo's take on social networking. Nintendo seeks to create a “family-friendly environment” so that you'll feel free to let your family dive into this new universe.

Miiverse is said to be safe for families due to its lack of profanity and unsuitable content. Like most social networks, you can post messages and add drawings; however, if a safe environment is desired, this could pose a challenge. How can networks control what is posted on their sites? One way is by using content filtering techniques.

Nintendo has created two filtering methods that will protect all eyes from inappropriate content. The first filter of defense is a scanner. All content will be scanned via an automated filter that picks up inappropriate words.

The second filter is manual. Posts will be filtered through a human review process for inspection. Due to the nature of this type of filtering, delays between the time of post and post appearance on the network will occur. In addition to these basic filters, community-based content flagging will be used to add extra protection.

The goal to have a family-friendly social network is admirable and we hope that Nintendo succeeds as it endeavors to keep children and adults alike safe.

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