Marital Apps Save Marriages?

Monday, March 12, 2012, 12:11 PM


In the realm of marriage, much can be done by husbands and wives to keep love and happiness alive in a relationship. The traditional way of solving difficult issues was to go to marriage counseling. Now, there are apps claiming to be able to help couples solve basic problems, resolve fights, and even save marriages.

Belinda Luscombe at put these claims to the test. She downloaded the apps and began using them with her husband. You can see her full story here.

Belinda and her husband documented fights and tried to solve some issues.

She even sent an email to the Mind Over Marriage counselors and received advice. In some ways, the apps were advantageous and effective but overall, they were not successful.

Her conclusion was that “digital marital mediation might not be as simple as playing Angry Birds” and that she'd “learned a lot, but mostly that marital apps are quite a lot like marriages. They need work.”

Due to the nature of our society, we are accustomed to instant, easy solutions. A marriage, however, is not this way. The issues that arise in marriage cannot be “solved” by simply inputting them into an app that will generate answers. It takes effort and patience and understanding.

The beginning of the article began by stating that relationships such as affairs require smartphones for secrecy. One thing husbands and wives can do is remain loyal to one another. Although the smartphone technology allows room for affairs, if husbands and wives want to keep their marriage healthy and strong, they must stay true to their other half.

Do you think your marriage would benefit from an app intervention?

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