Marathons and Marriage

Jan 06, 2012

Last weekend my wife and I witnessed an amazing event.  My wife's friend ran a marathon in 4hrs and 12min!   We met her at intervals throughout the race to cheer her and others on.  Each time, I was awestruck at the positive vibes and determination that surrounded this woman.   When the race was over and she crossed the finish line, she wasn't even winded.  No one would have had any clue that this was the first marathon that she had completed.

As we spent the rest of the day with this friend, I thought of the training and preparations that she had made to finish the race so well.   This woman had stuck to a regimented diet and exercise routine, molding and shaping her body.  She had run many miles and prepared her mind as well for the big race.

Marriage and relationships are in a way like a marathon.  There are struggles and obstacles that we have to overcome. In a race, things like other runners, weather, and fatigue can impair our vision of the finish line.  In a marriage other people, work, and our surroundings can also blur our goal.

In order to be successful, we have to condition and train our bodies and minds before becoming involved in one.  Much like when one is running a race, we have to keep our minds focused on the goal.  If we want to finish strong, things along the way can't distract us.

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