Malware Blocked by Net Nanny

Nov 20, 2009

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In 2003 several computers were infected with malware programmed to download thousands of websites a minute, including child pornography.  Fortunately, Anti-virus and anti-spyware programs quickly released signature updates to thwart and remove any traces of the unexpected infection. Years later, a similar virus hits hundreds of homes.  The Associated Press describes one such incident involving Michael Fiola, a government investigator that was fired and charged with possession of child pornography. After liquidating their savings, selling their car, and taking out a second mortgage to cover the $250,000 in legal fees, Michael was final cleared. Investigators realized it was in fact, malicious software that downloaded the over 3500 pages of illegal content.  Fortunately he was exonerated, but not without unnecessary emotional and financial damage, receiving countless death threats, having his car tires slashed, and being shunned by his community.

So the question remains, what would happen if you had Net Nanny installed on your computer under these circumstances?  Well, we tested it out and the results were as expected.  Net Nanny filtered and blocked all the objectionable content the malicious software was attempting to download.  Net Nanny was designed to filter all Internet (html) traffic from any browser or application. You can rest assured that you’re protected with Net Nanny installed.  So there you have it, you can spend $39.99 a year on Net Nanny or get stuck with $250,000 in legal fees.