Keeping Your Tech-Savvy Kids Safe

Oct 17, 2014

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Kids as young as three years old are becoming technologically savvy. The technology they use is great for educational tools and fun games for them to play. But along with these great tools, they can be exposed to other things that they shouldn’t be exposed to. released an infographic outlining some things parents of elementary school children can do to keep them safe on the devices they use.

The first suggestion is to limit the amount of screen time your child spends to between one and two hours per day on any device. They also recommend removing all devices from a child’s bedroom and not using multiple devices at once.

The next suggestion is to secure the Internet. This means having a password for every device that only the parent knows and installing a web filter like Net Nanny. Turning on SafeSearch for Google will also help limit exposure to unwanted websites.

Establishing rules about online safety is another suggestion. Make sure your kids know what is appropriate as far as messaging and chatting online is concerned. Communicate to them the importance of not giving out private information. Make yourself an adult that can be trusted if something happens online instead of someone they are scared to talk to.

The last thing to remember is that everything they say on the Internet is permanent. Along with any personal information they give out, any mean things they say about others will stay out there.

Allow your kids to enjoy the Internet but have rules in place to protect them from the dangers that are found on the Internet. Net Nanny has the tools to help you protect your kids from these dangers, including monitoring your child’s internet use and filtering out explicit websites.