Is Your Car a Mobile Billboard, Providing Too Much Information?

Jul 02, 2014

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When your child makes the honor roll at school, you want to share it with everyone. Sometimes she’ll get a bumper sticker you can put on your car to let everyone know that she is an honor student. But you may want to think twice before putting that bumper sticker on.

While stickers and decals on cars can seem innocent, criminals can gain a lot of information from them. The honor roll sticker can tell criminals where your child goes to school. 

Other fun decals include the “Stick Family” stickers, which can tell criminals the number of kids you have and their approximate ages. Some of those stick figures indicate the child’s favorite hobby, such as soccer.  That indicates he plays on a little league or city team.  A picture of your small dog with the family can indicate the he is not a guard dog (not a threat).

Even official-looking stickers can give too much information about your family. A parking pass can tell criminals where you live, work, or go to school. Military stickers might indicate that someone serves in the military and may be deployed (out of the country).

When putting stickers on your vehicle, think about the information they provide about you and your family. It is very easy to use that information against you.