Internet Addiction Warning Signs

Dec 31, 2014

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Every addiction has warning signs. Alcoholics and drug users may go through withdrawals when they go without a drink or drugs. Pornography users will start to isolate themselves and hide themselves when they become addicted.

One lesser known addiction that is starting to pop up is internet addiction. While internet addiction is not yet formally or professionally recognized as an addiction, psychologists have seen an increase in cases of people being treated for excessive use of the internet. The warning signs for internet addiction can be subtle, but they are there.

Many users that are addicted to the internet have a hard time getting off their screens. At night, when they go to bed, they may have a hard time sleeping because they are not accustomed to the darkness. They need a lit screen to help them fall asleep.

Users that are addicted to the internet are more excited about chatting online with a person than hanging out with them in real life. Facebook messenger replaces any face-to-face communication. Online dating replaces going out to eat with a date. Internet users that prefer online relationships over personal relationships may be addicted to the internet.

Internet users love to be the first to find new popular websites and try them out. When Facebook first came out, people flocked to it. The introduction of video streaming websites like YouTube and Vine has brought millions of followers to each of these sites. Internet users who are obsessed with finding these new websites and spend a significant amount of time with them could be addicted to the internet.

An internet monitor is one way that the amount of time spent on the internet can be controlled. Net Nanny offers an internet monitoring and filtering service that can block certain websites that can become addictive, and that can set time restrictions on the internet. Installing an internet monitor will help keep internet users on for reasonable amounts of time and prevent excessive use of the internet, which can lead to addiction.