#Instafame for Teens

Dec 17, 2014

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A trend has started among teens. Many teens have gained fame through selfies and other pictures posted on Instagram and other social media. Other teens have seen this and started taking pictures and posting them with the hashtag #Instafame to get a chance at becoming a celebrity.

A search of the hashtag #Instafame found over 192 million pictures posted on Instagram. In one day, almost 2 million pictures with the hashtag were posted. Other hashtags that teens may use are #selfienation and #selfiesunday.

The problem that teens face when posting these photos is the privacy of the photos. When a teen posts a photo with #Instafame, anyone searching that hashtag can see the photos that have been posted. Anyone can view these photos and then like them. The more likes they get, the more “famous” they are.

Posting for a chance at fame also comes at a cost. Teens who post pictures for the whole world to see put themselves at risk for identity theft and cyberbullying. Teens also don’t think about the future repercussions of some of the photos they post.

Teens need to know the consequences that come with publicly posting photos. While most teens won’t care about the future repercussions involved with some of the photos they post, communicating with them the immediate consequences of posted photos can help them think twice about the photos they post.

Along with communicating with teens about the pictures they post, parents can also monitor their child’s social media. Parents can sign up for social media and follow their teens’ profiles. Another option is installing a monitor like Net Nanny Social. Net Nanny Social can monitor your child’s social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook, and it can alert you when your child has posted a new photo.

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