recommends Net Nanny for busy moms.

Jun 05, 2012

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In a recent article, Christina DesMarais highlighted some time-saving services for moms. She recommends Net Nanny as a great tool to give moms and dads a little help in their busy jobs as parents.

“Mothers are keen on keeping their kids safe online. While Net Nanny isn't new, it's definitely one of the leaders in its space. Parents use it, but schools have also implemented it and there's even a business version. It's a software application that gives parents control over how their kids use the Internet and is designed to protect them from pornography and other adult-themed sites, violence, profanity, cyberbullying and stalking.

Net Nanny has some great features. It doesn't allow peer-to-peer sharing, lets parents set time limits for how long kids can use the Web as well as vary rules based on children's ages. It also lets them set ratings limits for games.

Probably its most differentiating feature, however, is its Dynamic Content Analysis, which looks at a webpage in real-time for inappropriate content before it opens and blocks it; it doesn't just rely on predetermined websites or pages for filtering.

In January, Net Nanny released a mobile version for Android devices that provides the same protection for kids on the go; it runs $19.99 a year. The desktop version is $39.99 per year.”

Net Nanny can be a great tool to help parents. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your kids are protected online is its own kind of time-saver! How has Net Nanny helped you save time?

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