Have “The Talk” With Your Child

Oct 22, 2015

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My nephew is 3 years old.  He has been taught to not talk with strangers at the park and he has been taught that he should play nice with other kids. He also knows how to navigate the iPad , Youtube, and Netflix.  Strangers and playgrounds are not the only things he needs to be educated on.

3 years old may seem too young to have the Internet safety talk with your child, but when is the appropriate age? A recent YouGov survey found that over 2,000 parents felt a child should be 9 years old before discussing online safety issues. So what happens between the ages 3 and 9 when your child is using the Internet without any knowledge of its dangers? They are unprotected and in danger.

If your child is using the Internet or a device with the Internet on it, they need to be educated. Growing up hasn’t ever been easy, and it’s not about to get any easier. Social media, profanity, and everything else that comes with the virtual world, brings new dangers and risks. Parents are not aware of  these new dangers.

According to the survey, 31% of parents admitted they would refer their child to someone else if any issues were to arise online. Most parents aren’t as familiar with virtual problems and are not as confident teaching their children.

Do not let your child go online unprotected and uneducated. Educate yourself before talking with your child. Net Nanny offers many tips and resources for parents. Visit the learning center to find out about what dangers to be aware of.  For the latest tips, visit our blog.

** The information in this article is from BT.com