Have a Cyber Safe Holiday Season

Nov 17, 2015

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Every holiday season is a big season for spending. Retailers expect consumers to spend over $630 billion on gifts this year for Christmas. Black Friday is the biggest sales day of the year for stores, with the next Monday (called Cyber Monday) being the biggest sales day for online retailers. Make sure that you know of the possible threats by cybercriminals during the holiday season.

Sometimes we get emails from advertisers talking about the best deals around town. Some of these are from legitimate companies giving their loyalty customers bargains on gifts. However, scammers looking to steal information might send emails to anyone with deals that seem too good to be true. Their goal is to have people click on links to fill in personal information such as credit card information that they can then use for themselves. One guideline people should follow is that if it’s too good to be true, be wary of it.

Many people also use Thanksgiving and Christmas as a time to donate to charities. Some scammers will set up “charities” so that they can receive money, or so that they can steal credit card information. People that are looking to donate to charities should make sure that the charities they are donating to are reputable.

Online shoppers are beginning to use mobile devices for a lot of their online shopping. One thing these shoppers might do is save credit card information to make transactions quicker. While this is a convenient thing to do, it does put your information at risk. If your phone is easy to unlock and you lose it, whoever finds it may use the information they find on your phone to do their own online shopping. Also, phones infected with malware may give criminals access to the saved credit card information.

Take some simple steps to make sure that you’re protected this holiday season. If you don’t know where something on the Internet came from, be suspicious of it. Make sure that places you shop online are reputable websites, and avoid using public Wi-Fi that pose security risks to your personal information.

Net Nanny wants to help you have a cyber safe holiday season this year.

**The information used in this article is from McAfee.com