Harmful Apps to Be Aware Of

Oct 01, 2014

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You may be familiar with some of the more common apps that your children use, such as Facebook or Instagram. However, there are a lot of apps that you may not know about that you should be familiar with. Many of these lesser-known apps could pose risks to your children.

Here are some apps you should be familiar with:

  • Tinder - Tinder is an app where users can rate other people’s profiles and hook up with each other. This app makes it easy for adults and minors to “hook-up” with each other and can often be used for cyberbullying.
  • Snapchat - Snapchat allows users to send photos, videos, or pictures to any of their friends. These pictures appear for a few seconds and disappear. This makes Snapchat a popular app for sending pornographic images.
  • Kik - Kik is an instant messaging app very similar to texting, where you can send messages, pictures, videos, and other things that people like to share. This app does not have any parental controls and does not authenticate users, which means it is easy for adults to chat with minors.
  • Yik Yak - Yik Yak allows users to post messages that can be viewed by 500 users that are closest to the person who wrote it. In an area with a lot of users, like a school, this can be an easy way to cyberbully, spread gossip, and post explicit content.
  • Poof - This app (and other apps similar to it) make other apps that kids want to hide “disappear.”
  • Whisper - Whisper is an app designed to share secrets anonymously with people around you. Many kids will share secrets with strangers and can lose anonymity.

These are just a few apps that could be harmful to your kids if they know about it. They pose a variety of different threats to your children, including being the victim of cyberbullying and potential predators contacting your children.

Be aware of the apps your children download and make sure they are appropriate for your children. Many mobile devices have settings that allow you to control if your kids can download new apps. To find settings that will help manage the apps your children download, visit http://www.netnanny.com/learn_center/webinars/20140430-parental-controls-for-iphone-ipod-touch-and-ipad if your child has an Apple device, or http://www.netnanny.com/learn_center/webinars/20140522-safeguarding-android-devices if your child has an Android device.

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