“Happy” Birthday Facebook

Mar 03, 2014

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On February 4, 2004 a social media giant was launched. Founder, Mark Zuckerberg primarily created Facebook to act as a social network for college students at Harvard University. In 2005, it was opened to international schools.  A decade later, it has been opened to the community for all and any to use and is now the number one social media network.

Over time, Facebook has continually made changes and additions to help connect everyone — which has proven successful according to numbers (1.24 billion monthly users.)  However, in the attempt to connect everyone around the world, Facebook has also created a disconnection among people right next to each other.

The International Center for Media and Public Agenda (ICMPA) researched the habits of people who used Facebook and other Social Medias. They found that the more time users spent online, their offline relationships declined in quality. Like any habit, it will continue to get worse and more severe as time goes on.

Facebook has created a pseudo social life by appealing to peoples’ natural narcissism and craving for instant gratification.  It allows users to receive immediate feedback and “likes” on their portrayed glamorous lifestyles.  As this persists, users will become (if they haven’t already) less inclined to have face-to-face conversations, where they can’t depict a fun, frenzied, adventurous lifestyle and take time to think of a brilliant one liner.

Don’t let teens fall into the trap of using their mobile devices and profiles as a security blanket. Net Nanny’s software provides ways to limit the amount of time spent online each day. Parents can also monitor their teen’s activities on social networks with Net Nanny Social. 

While I’m not convinced that it is a “Happy” event, I will extend my congratulations to Facebook for being so successful in these past 10 years.