Gratitude in the Digital Age

Nov 26, 2015

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With Thanksgiving coming around, it gives us an opportunity to reflect on the many things that we are grateful for. Net Nanny has helped protect families from some of the dangers that can be found on the Internet and with electronics. Net Nanny also recognizes the many great things that come with electronic devices and would like to share with you some of the things we are grateful for.

We have so many apps today that help us out with just about everything. We have GPS apps, banking apps, shopping apps, music apps, so many different apps that we use every day that make our lives easier. These apps also help us pass the time with game apps. We are able to carry all this in our pocket. Apps have become such an important part of our life, and we are thankful for apps.

The Internet has given us the opportunity to reconnect with old friends. Social media platforms like Facebook help us keep in touch with people from our childhood. We can talk with people in other parts of the world instantaneously. We are grateful for the gift of connection that the internet has given us.

The Internet has also given us instant information at our fingertips. I can Google anything about any topic and have hundreds of expert opinions on that topic. YouTube releases informational videos from Harvard and other top universities teaching lectures on a variety of topics. We are thankful for the instant information the internet gives us.

Technology allows us the chance to connect with our children. Parents can talk with their children about apps they’re using and games that they’re playing. Some parents even play certain games with their kids. Technology gives parents the opportunity to talk to their kids about some of the topics parents find difficult to talk about.

Here at Net Nanny, we just wanted to share with you some of the things we are thankful for in this digital age. As you celebrate this Thanksgiving with family and friends, remember to reflect upon the things you are grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving!