Four Reasons To Block Illegal File-sharing

Jun 02, 2011

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About a decade ago, something new came online. It was called Napster and it allowed normal people to easily share files online. It's what is called Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file-sharing. One person shares a file   and others that download that file share it too, making it easier and easier to find. And it's nearly impossible to tell who is actually sharing them. Today there are a number of Peer-to-Peer networks. Some businesses even use them to distribute files.

Unfortunately, so do people that are sharing porn, software, music, movies, and other files illegally. It's hard to stop because there isn't just one computer that law enforcement needs to shut down- it's all over the world. And its doubly difficult to stop since it's so difficult to tell who is sharing it.

Net Nanny can block these Peer-to-Peer downloads to your computer. Here are four reasons why you should enable that functionality:

  1. Pornography and Other Objectionable Material- Trying to fly under the radar, many people search for and share pornography via Peer-to-Peer networks. They count on the anonymity P2P networks provide to continue their addiction.
  2. Malware- It's an established fact that a large portion of files shared this way are actually malware that will take over your computer if you run them. Sometimes, hackers will just play havoc with your computer. Other times they will quietly start using your computer to help hack into other computers or engage in other illegal activities online. This type of attack can work whether you're using Windows, Mac OS X, or any other operating system.
  3. Lawsuits- If you download software, music, or movies that you don't own, you open yourself up to lawsuits from the companies that own them. And when I say you, I mean anyone using your Internet connection. The MPAA, RIAA, BSA and others are extremely active in protecting their content. Do a search for RIAA + lawsuit and you'll see how active they are. Regardless of how you feel about whether they ought to, they can and do.
  4. Simple Honesty- Whether you believe in the moral need to be honest or simply appreciate honesty in those around you, most of us don't go around taking things that don't belong to us. If you own a business, you wouldn't want customers stealing your products or services rather than paying for them. And if you have a family, you want them to do well in life- not make it a habit to steal. Taking music, movies, or software via Peer-to-Peer file-sharing is easy and in many ways anonymous. But just because the theft is easy doesn't make it right.

Protect your home and business from the consequences of illegal file-sharing today. In Windows, go to the Net Nanny Admin Tools, choose Additional settings under Filtering, and make sure 'Allow Access to Peer-to-Peer' is unchecked. Click 'OK' to save your settings. In Net Nanny for Mac, on the main screen click 'Others' on the far right of the toolbar and make sure 'Block peer-to-peer' is checked.

One more way we're watching out for you!