Focus on the Good of the Internet

Jan 21, 2015

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There is so much good to be found on the internet. Family and friends across the entire world can connect on social media. We find pictures of fluffy kittens and dogs and share them with everyone. Videos and vines give us an opportunity to laugh.

Despite the good things that can be found, parents tend to focus on the negatives. They fear that their children will be found by a sexual predator online. They are afraid that their children will view and become addicted to pornography. They are concerned that their children will share too much personal information.

All of these are valid concerns, and something that every good parent should be aware of. Parents should take steps to protect their children from these threats. However, focusing solely on the negatives of the internet can be detrimental to children.

To maintain a healthy view of the internet, parents should be up-to-date on what is happening on the internet. Talk to your children about the social media that they are using, and sign up for any that you find interesting. This is a way for you to stay connected with others while also keeping an eye on what your kids are doing on social media.

Most children agree that they need to be educated on how to appropriately use the internet. This opens the door for parents to discuss with their kids the proper use of internet. Acknowledge the dangers of the internet, and set up controls such as Net Nanny to help your kids stay safe on the internet.

After acknowledging the dangers, talk about the good things that you can find on the internet. Talking about information they can use for school, using sites such as YouTube or Netflix for entertainment, and other positive aspects of the internet are great ways to help your child view the internet not as a scary place, but as a good place if used appropriately. This gives children correct ideas about what the internet IS for as well as what it’s not.

Just because there are bad things on the internet does not make internet bad. If parents are scared of the bad things on the internet, they and their children will not benefit from the good that the internet has to offer. If parents are open to the internet while protecting their children against the bad, both children and parents will be safe while using the internet.