Family Internet Safety Plan

Jan 27, 2016

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Parents are aware of all the possible dangers that children can run into online. We want to help PREVENT any of those problems that could arise. Net Nanny software can play a role in helping to keep your home safe, but it is up to parents to create a safe environment.

Before you introduce technology and devices into your kids’ lives, consider creating a Family Internet Safety Plan.  We’ve created one below as an example, but we encourage you to modify it to your family’s needs. 

1. Communicate

First off, your children are as much as part of this as you are. Discuss which websites are and are not appropriate to visit. Review all of the positive ways they can use the web and encourage that behavior.

Secondly, it is the Internet, and they will run into dangers. Talk with them and let them know that they can talk about any and all of their web experiences.

2. Set Rules

As stated above, include your children when setting the rules. Agree and when and where they can use devices (right after school, no devices at dinner, etc.).  

3. Enforce Limitations

After talking with your children and creating a list of guidelines, enforce them.  They need to know what the consequences are and that they will be applied if any of the rules are broken.

4. Install Parental Controls

Although your child might have the best intentions, there are still accidents and great temptations online. Help your child understand that the parental controls are not to stop them, but to help them.  Filters like Net Nanny help by blacklisting websites and content, as well as help with time management.  

5. Stay Informed

Make it an important part of your plan to stay educated on the latest apps and social networks.  On average, kids are more tech savvy than their parents. Deliberately learn how to use the devices that your children are using. Net Nanny has a wealth of information and tips to help parents stay informed.