Facebook Spamming

Nov 22, 2011

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The graphic sexual and violent spam that filled 800 million Facebook users’ pages recently has people on edge. Some users even threaten to delete their account for good. And who could blame them?

My aunt recounted a similar story of distress last week that involved my 15-year old cousin. She said that one evening she received a phone call from one of her neighbors. The mother of four told her to rush to the computer because pornographic videos were displayed on my 15-year-old cousin’s Facebook page. My aunt became alarmed.

She logged on to Facebook to find a pornographic video on her daughter’s Facebook page. It even had thumbs up saying that she liked it. Distraught and confused, my aunt turned to her 15-year-old daughter and asked “Did you post this?

My cousin, with tears in her eyes, said “No, Mom. I would never! Her Facebook page had been hacked.

Millions of others can tell their tragic story of pornographic hacking. The worst part is that innocent teenagers, like my cousin, who don’t want to view pornography, aren’t always protected by being on “safe sites. Web surfers stumble upon questionable material and the statistic is that just after 20 minutes of exposure to pornography, a person can become addicted.

How can you protect your family?

Circumstances arise that are beyond your control, such as the Facebook spamming, leave you no choice but to have a good defense. If my cousin’s computer had had an internet filter on it, her mother wouldn’t have had to see the pornography on her Facebook page. 

I just recently downloaded Net Nanny on my laptop.  I’m a college student, but after hearing all of the horrible stories of Facebook hacking and seeing the effect on those around me, I’m thrilled that I can protect myself from any unwanted websites. Net Nanny blocks pornographic images, “hate sites, questionable chat rooms and other dangers of the Internet. www.netnanny.com

Here are some tips on how to stay safe on Facebook.

  1. Ensure FB is not whitelisted in your Admin settings.
  2. If you have a doubt, don't click it. If it's important enough, your friends will tell you about it anyway.
  3. Clean out the friends you added but don't know who they are. Only add people you know and trust.
  4. Share these tips with your kids.