Facebook: Social Network and Child-Predator Playground

Jun 26, 2012

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Child pornography, although illegal, rakes in $3 billion in revenue each year. You can find it online and sometimes, it's in the most unlikely places.

Did you know there are images and videos of child rape today on Facebook? Chelsea Schilling from WND went undercover to reveal the truth of the dark realm of Facebook. Her story is graphic, chilling, and sickening. Reader beware, it's graphic. (Story)

For this investigation, Schilling created several female profiles, all of which appeared promiscuous, bisexual, or flirtatious. Then she searched through profiles to find "friends" with pedophiliac interests, those who openly “receive nude pics," and those with fan groups of incest.

She “friended" these types of people--the most dangerous and perverted Facebook members. Once they were friends, Schilling was able to access their child pornography albums.

“The children posing provocatively and being raped in these photographs and videos were young, very young — almost all under the age of 12" (Source: WND). They were, indeed, child pornography images.

With her alias accounts, Schilling sent reports to Facebook of the child pornography she had encountered. Her desperate attempts to notify the social network seemed to be in vain. After her countless attempts to report the images, Facebook blocked her accounts due for “security reasons."

Schilling says that most of the images she reported were months old, so they could have been shared by dozens of pedophiles. The question of Facebook’s intentions and abilities arises from this type of investigation.

Facebook is a $100 billion IPO; however, it has been called “uncooperative" by law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and State police. Something must be wrong. What keeps Facebook from being helpful in the vindication of these exploited children? Why doesn’t it seek to end this type of abuse?

In short, Facebook is the playground on which countless children spend hours a day or week and it's frequented by those ready and willing to harm and exploit children. At some point, parents have to take a stand.

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