Facebook Losing Appeal with Teens

May 30, 2013

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Facebook Burnout

Facebook is no longer the center of teens’ social network lives. It used to be “cool,” but now it’s becoming old news. The social network is struggling to keep up with teens who are always looking to explore the latest and greatest.

App creator Adam Ludwin quotes a focus group of 20+ people under the age of 25 saying, “We’re bored with Facebook.” (Source Article)

Teens are now actively using other social networks like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. A more intimate and private experience with others seems to be just one of the appeals found outside of Facebook.

One teen, discussing why Facebook Chat has lost some of its appeal, says, “When you go on Facebook Chat the people you don’t want to talk to are always the ones who immediately chat with you.”

Just because teens are open to communicating on other platforms doesn’t mean they are deleting their Facebook accounts entirely, but the company does recognize that its users are expanding their social media horizons.

What can parents do when teens move to other social networks?

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