Facebook Location Tracking App

Mar 21, 2013

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Facebook Places....coming soon

However unintentional, Facebook seems to keep making stalking your children easier. It’s reportedly developing a new app that will track your location even when the app is not open. Hypothetically, the app is to help you find your friends who are in the area, but Facebook is clearly seeking to sell location-based ads.  The idea is that Facebook will be able to use your location to send you ads based on businesses nearby, so while you’re out and about you might decide to go eat lunch at the restaurant that just showed you an ad rather than your usual spot. Users might be fine with that because the ads would be more relevant, but is it really worth giving up that much privacy?

Everyone with kids can see the problem with this app. All a predator has to do is make a fake profile and convince kids to add him, and boom! He instantly knows if your children are nearby. Luckily, it seems that this app is opt-in only, meaning that you can still use Facebook without it. Nevertheless, parents should be sure to check with their kids and make sure they haven’t downloaded the app. To alleviate some worry, Net Nanny has an app manager that prevents kids from using apps they’ve downloaded until the parents okay them.

No word on if this app is available to minors, but with the number of kids lying about their age to get on the site, it’s likely that an age restriction won’t be completely effective anyway. If you have teens on Facebook, check to see what birth year they listed on their account when they signed up. You might be surprised. If they have it listed on their profile for everyone to see, take it down immediately. No one needs to see that.

Net Nanny Social is coming in March. This parental control software will let you monitor everything your child does on multiple social networks, including Facebook. Don’t let your kids run around unsupervised online. You never know who else might be watching them.

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