Facebook Is a People Pleaser

Apr 30, 2014

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Whether you are an extrovert, narcissist, introvert, or just lonely, Facebook satisfies each personal craving- and that’s why everyone loves it.

With over 1 billion users and 500 million active daily users, Facebook is bordering on “addictive.”

Psychologists and communications researchers have studied and continue to study what it is that draws so many different types of people in. Initially they were skeptical and viewed the incessant social media connection as a negative issue- prompting many to question how to block Facebook. However, after more time and research, they have found that Facebook is giving users exactly what they want.

Although Facebook doesn’t cure feelings of loneliness or actually strengthen a relationship, it can create those feelings for a moment, giving the user an immediate lift. The feelings generated by Facebook are all dependent on the user and their motivation. If the user is a chronically lonely person, they might get on and feel a lift but their state of loneliness is unchanged.

As for the narcissist, Facebook provides daily (or maybe even hourly) ego boosts; Instant gratification and praise with the simple click of the “like” button.  And it isn’t just others that are boosting those egos; by viewing their own profiles they are reinforcing the ideal version of themselves. They see and portray exactly who they want to be.

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