Encouraging Responsible Behavior on the Internet

Aug 04, 2011

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As a mother of I what I consider “pretty good" kids, I want to give them access to the latest technologies and allow them the freedom of surfing and playing games on the internet. 

For a couple years we had a stand-alone computer for the kids to use that they could install games onto, but it did not have internet.

For Christmas last year I was able to get them each a laptop and we purchased a router for our home. Before wrapping up the computers, I installed Net Nanny on each of them. I knew that this would be a wonderful Christmas for them and I knew that with Net Nanny I would have peace of mind because

  1. I would be able to see where they were going on the internet
  2. I could read my son's Facebook instant messages — I knew he would want Facebook once he had internet access and I felt ok with granting him that privilege because with Net Nanny I could not only see Social Networking reports, I could also see what he was typing to his friends
  3. In addition to being able to see reports for Instant Messaging, I also set up Alerts. The Alerts allow you to get an email whenever potentially harmful things are being said in the conversations. I also can get Alerts for when they get Blocked for certain sites.

When my kids opened their gifts my daughter was so excited and said, “A laptop!?!? Are you serious!?!? Then she paused and with all seriousness she said, “Wait — does this have internet? I told her it did and both of them flipped out.

I sat them both down and explained that Net Nanny was installed and that I would be able to see everything they tried to access and everything that they said online.   Neither one had any problem with that at all and were just excited to get surfing.

About 2 days after receiving their computers I received an IM alert on my phone (through my email) with the header of ‘Hurtful Language’. In the conversation I could see that one of my son's friends had said a bad word. My son's response was also included and he said “Hey dude, I just want you to know my mom can see everything on my computer…so no more bad words."

I could not have been more proud of him.

Net Nanny parental control software is a great tool for those kids that need the extra protection, but also for those kids that just need to feel safe online and know that their parents are monitoring and taking measures to make sure they are safe.