Don't Ignore Your Privacy Settings

Jul 11, 2013

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Facebook | Privacy Settings

Did you know 13 million Facebook users have never touched their privacy settings?

That means:

  • your posts may visible to everyone (even people not on Facebook)
  • your full birthday may be visible to everyone
  • anyone may be able to view your photos or photos you’re tagged in
  • anyone may be able to track your locations

Major safety issues arise if you aren’t vigilant about what you post and who can see your online footprint. Burglars, identity thieves, stalkers, and child predators can all take advantage of your public information. Keep in mind, as well, that anything you post can become more public than you intend if any of your friends share that “private” content with their personal networks—networks which likely include many people you don’t know.

Take a minute to check your Facebook privacy settings. Don’t regret not checking them later.

Whether on Facebook or anywhere else online, don’t share things that put you or anyone you know at risk. If you are a parent, make sure your kids also share wisely. Talk to them and as back-up, use a web-based dashboard like Net Nanny Social to monitor the social networks they use.

I work for Net Nanny and all opinions are my own.