Does your family have a "Digital Safety Pledge"? If not, get one here.

Nov 12, 2013

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11012013 - Early Learning Home Visit 19Parents, consider formalizing the various Internet safety discussions (and your concerns) with your child by signing a safety pledge for online behavior.  The purpose of this short "agreement" is to get child and parent on the same page when considering which behavior is acceptable or not acceptable when using a digital device.

Children like to feel protected and safe. Implied in that statement is that children do appreciate rules, especially when they are well understood and agreed upon.  By discussing and signing a digital safety pledge, your child will more fully embrace the importance of following your guidelines.  And, given that they agree, you can use that pledge to enforce the rules and potential consequences for failure to live up to family rules. 

The following are suggestions for such a digital safety pledge.  

If you would like to to print the Net Nanny Family Digital Safety Pledge, visit

Net Nanny Family Digital Safety Pledge

  1. My parents/guardians have given me digital technology (i.e., computer, tablet, phone) to help me learn and grow. Those devices belong to my parents/guardians and I am borrowing them.  I will share my passwords with my parents/guardians. If I break a device, I will pay to fix or replace it.
  2. I will be open and honest online and will not deceive anyone about my identity or my intentions.
  3. If I receive hurtful, offensive, sexually explicit, or other questionable material, I will talk immediately with my parents/guardians about it.
  4. I respect the feelings and privacy of others and will not share anything online that may embarrass, harm, threaten, or insult.
  5. I will be courteous and use appropriate language online at all times.
  6. I will not share any personal information online, such as my real name, home address, phone numbers, my location, school name, friends names, or passwords on any site--without first checking with my parents/guardians.
  7. I understand that people are not always who they say they are online. I will not "friend" anyone online or communicate with anyone that I don’t know. I will not meet up with anyone that I have met online.
  8. I will not download anything illegal or sign up for anything without the permission of my parents/guardians.
  9. I will use the computer or my smartphone during the times my parents/guardians indicate. I will limit myself to the amount of time that we agreed upon.
  10. I know that if I do not abide by these rules, there will be consequences.