Digital Tips for Parenting and Grandparenting

Oct 10, 2012

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A poll in the UK found that grandparents are anxious about their grandchildren's mobile device use, and that most feel they don't know enough about technology to prevent their grandchildren from accessing inappropriate content.

Some of the results of the poll are:

  • 50% of parents who share childcare with grandparents want more education or support for grandparents in managing kid's use of technology.
  • 8% of parents say they are aware of their children taking advantage of a grandparents' lack of digital knowledge to access inappropriate content.
  • 11% of parents worry about their children accessing inappropriate content when in a grandparent's care (85% have no concerns).
  • 37% of grandparents who care for their grandchildren ages 15 and under worry about their grandchildren's use of technology and the Internet.
  • 50% of grandparents think there should be more support or education for grandparents around children's use of technology.

The company that conducted the poll (Vodafone), gave a list of suggested guidelines for grandparents:

  • Find out from the child's parents what technology rules they have in place at home.
  • Put passwords on a smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Use parental controls solutions.
  • Apply rules you teach a child in the real world to the digital world.
  • Take an interest in how your grandchildren use digital technologies.
  • Join grandchildren when they play on their games consoles, or watch TV programs with them online.

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