Dead or Alive 5: New Levels of Sleaze

Jul 16, 2012

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If your child loves video games, you may have heard about the fall release of Dead or Alive 5, the latest addition to the popular fighting game franchise. Before you rush out to buy the game, be advised that Dead or Alive 5 has been ranked by X360 as the third most sexy game coming to America in 2012.

While the game's ESRB rating is still pending, some of the revealed new features suggest the game should probably not be played by kids and pre-teens. In the game, female characters' clothing will have varying levels of transparency, with emphasis on their breasts. The sleaziness of the graphics don't stop there--the type of clothing worn by female characters will result in varying levels of breast movement. This type of virtual reality may be inappropriate for most children.

Certainly, parents are encouraged to watch and participate in their child's online and gaming activities. We respect that. Be aware that the Internet and video games are generating more and more inappropriate content for kids. You should decide what is inappropriate for your kids and then protect them. We remain firm in our efforts to help you do just that.


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