Cyberbullying: Occurring with Sixth-Graders

Mar 03, 2014

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Bullying is no longer happening on the playground. It’s taking place online, in chat rooms, emails, and social media posts. Just as its arenas have expanded, so have its effects. This type of bullying, known as cyperbullying, is an intentional, repeated harassing via cell phones or the Internet. Cyberbullying wounds not only the victims directly targeted, but also their families.

Such is the case for the family of Cora Bentley. Located in Jackson, Missouri, the Bentley family witnessed and felt the pain of the insults aimed at Cora.

Just a sixth-grader, Cora dealt with the problem as little spats eventually lead to verbal threats. When these threats appeared on Facebook and in emails, Tara knew the cyberbullying no involved the whole family.

“They called Cora ugly and fat and said if they were her, they’d kill themselves,” said Tara. “This is not normal being picked on. This is not schoolyard bullying. This is torture.”

When she discovered the clique of girls behind the harassment, Tara called their parents, alerting them of the inexcusable behavior. However, Tara said, the girls created fake accounts on Facebook in Cora’s name, through which they would bully her with vulgar and cruel comments.

The berating took a huge toll on Cora’s health. She dropped from a size 7 in women’s clothing to a size 16 in girls’. Increasing depression caused Cora to seek solitude in her room , leaving her family worried about the possibility of self-harm.

Cora, now 13, escaped the bullying only when she switched schools.

Cyberbullying is a serious danger with serious consequences. Parents can look to stop it before it develops with the help of Net Nanny. The software allows you to monitor your child’s social network friends, pictures, and posts.

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