CyberBully Hotline Grant Program for Schools

Jul 23, 2012

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The CyberBully Hotline from SchoolReach is a communication tool that allows students to send anonymous voice or text messages to school officials to report bullying acts. These reports can be immediately responded to anonymously by school officials who provide support to help students effectively address each situation. It's a great program aimed at helping each child feel safe at school by doing something about bullying and online harassment of students.

Unfortunately, many schools lack the funding to offer this type of anti-bullying program. So to help implement their anonymous bullying reporting solution, The CyberBully Hotline has established a $100,000 grant program for K-12 schools and districts. Schools and districts who apply for the grant must have greater than a 31 percent Free and Reduced Lunch rating and each participant chosen can receive up to $2,500 to cover the cost of a 12-month CyberBully Hotline service period.

It's encouraging that more schools will now have the tools to help reduce and prevent cyberbullying. Still, keep in mind that teachers becoming involved should assist the ongoing efforts of parents in the home, not replace them. Parents should have parental control software in place at home that can help monitor for cyberbullying. Then if problems arise, take action and protect your child.

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