Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit 2014

Apr 23, 2014

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Current federal obscenity laws prohibit any distribution of hardcore, obscene pornography on the Internet, cable/satellite, and in retail shops. However, these laws are not enforced. Although at one time, prosecutions were held for violation of federal obscenity laws, in the last 20 years distribution of pornography has reached a pandemic level.

In 2010, Morality in Media ( successfully formed a coalition of organizations that agreed to enlist their members to pressure appropriate Congressional committees and leaders to instruct the Justice Department and FBI to enforce existing obscenity laws.
In January 2014, MIM expanded the effort to the “Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation” with the goal of prevention, recovery, advocacy and education. With a united coalition, groups can share resources, learn from one another, and provide better support to individuals seeking help. Coming together to build a unified movement will strengthen each collective effort to oppose pornography and protect innocence.
An official coalition improves the effectiveness of each group in this fight. For this reason, MIM announced recently the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit 2014.
This even is for concerned citizens, community leaders, activists, professionals, and groups dedicated to educating others about pornography and its effect on sexual exploitation. The location is Washington DC and the date is May 16-17.

This is a meeting for leaders and individuals dedicated to this fight. There will be experts speaking on the issues as well as experts who run organizations and community outreach groups to train others.

The summit will provide:

* Networking opportunities with experts, activists, and groups engaged in this issue from around the country and the world;
* Time for leaders to create a critical strategy for building a strong, united front to oppose sexual exploitation and guard against pornography addiction;
* Presentations by the leading experts on the harms of pornography (covering the latest scientific research on brain science, violence, harms to children and links to sex trafficking, etc.).
* Other presentation topics will include updates on the latest technology, the business structure of the porn industry and more;
* Organizational trainings from experts on fundraising, how to get into the press and digital strategies.

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