Child Pornography - Legal in NY?

May 24, 2012

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Recent and shocking news concerning child pornography: “the New York Court of Appeals…ruled that viewing child pornography is legal.” The case for the ruling was that of a college professor, James D. Kent.

What?! I thought the exploitation and abuse of children is wrong. How can the courts allow this?

Sadly, Legislature has not deemed the "viewing" of child pornography as criminal, but only possession or procurement. Unfortunately, judges cannot charge those who view child pornography with a crime.

This ruling appears to be law today, but what is criminal is that to view child pornography, it has to be created, possessed and procured by someone. Those who view it create the demand. Without demand, there would be no need for supply.

Patrick Trueman, president of Morality in Media, issued this statement: "Child pornography should be treated as a very serious violation of the human dignity of the victims and those who take enjoyment from the despicable act of viewing such material should be harshly punished."

I agree.

I believe this ruling in New York “give(s) permission to pedophiles and child molesters to continue the sexual molestation and recording of child sex abuse." When will the law fully protect children from such sexual exploitation and travesty?

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