Can you prevent cyberbullying?

Aug 20, 2012

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Yes, but it requires action.

Cyberbullying has become a problem, especially for young kids who are tech-savvy but not equipped to deal with the harsh realities flowing in over the Internet.

A recent article written on the subject offered several tips gleaned from research conducted by the Cyberbully Research Center (CRC). These tips can help adults who are “reluctant to focus on this issue because their technological ‘know how' is not as advanced as that of the youngsters involved.”

The tips include common sense ideas such as monitoring your child's behavior during and after Internet use, paying attention to any negative changes that might indicate cyberbullying has taken place, and making sure to talk to your child about the negative effects of cyberbullying both on and offline. They also recommend being an example of positive online behavior.

To further help monitor your children's Internet usage, the CRC recommends using an Internet filter program, but warned that tech-savvy children could possibly find a way around the filter, “especially when they feel that their privacy has been violated.”

Net Nanny could be a help here. It blocks users from going to inappropriate web sites and is virtually impossible to uninstall. This transparency helps to keep the lines of communication open, which is another suggestion from the CRC.

Parents can use these simple tips to communicate with their children about cyberbullying and Internet safety in general.

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