Can You Navigate the Wii U Parental Controls Better than Your Kids?

Feb 26, 2014

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Nintendo gaming systems have always been fun for kids and worry-free for parents. These devices have stayed ahead of online safety problems by making it difficult for kids to access and easy for parents to install. Even in its past gaming models, Nintendo includes safety precautions. Systems like the Wii and the DS feature long “Friend Codes” that allow friends to connect and play online. Nintendo’s latest console, the Wii U, is no exception.

The Wii U is the most advanced in online protection yet. It features Parental Controls; that are more in depth than any other Nintendo system. While it is a lengthy process, the set-up is straightforward and worth the time.

Since each player gets his or her own account, the Wii U allows parents to place controls specific to each user account. This means your six-year-old and your teenager don’t have to be limited to the same games. You can restrict your younger children to more family-friendly games and allow your teenager access to more mature material.

Many of the Wii U games do include an online interaction feature that allows users to play with other users online. However, you do have the option to keep your kids from any online interaction with strangers.

The built-in internet browser of the Wii U is another area for possible parental concern. Kids can easily stumble onto pages simply by accident. While there isn’t a feature for restricting specific sites, parents can simply turn internet access “on” or “off.”

The Nintendo eShop is also accessible through the Wii U’s system. Parents could be concerned with kids racking up quite the bill by charging game purchases to the account. This can be avoided too. Parents can disable purchasing power from specific accounts.

Nintendo has created its own form of social media called Miiverse. It will also be a feature of the Wii U. Unlike other social media platforms, Miiverse will be heavily monitored. However, parents should still keep an eye on the level of interaction their children have with other users. With the Parental Controls, parents can restrict the amount of activity and communication on Miiverse.

Parents should always be monitoring the forms of technology with which their children are involved. While Wii U does include various Parental Controls, other electronics like computers, television, and cellphones don’t have the same level of protection. Net Nanny Social is a great way for parents to monitor enables their child’s friends, pics, and posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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