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Best Apps For Kids

Dec 18, 2015

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As a parent, have you ever struggled with the inner battle of “how much time should I allow my child to spend on their device? “ or “what rules should I set and enforce?” You aren’t alone. This day and age, it’s inevitable that your child will have a device and will spend (a lot) of time on it.

However, what they spend their time doing on their device is not completely out of your control. There are plenty of educational apps that teach children problem solving skills and other necessary life skills. But which ones are the best?

Here is a list of some of the best apps for children. Each app is designed for different ages with varying level of difficulties. Get your child something that you can both appreciate this holiday season.

For the creative child:

Animoto [website] - this app allows your child to make videos out of their photos and add features such as music and text.

Playtime Theater [iTunes] - let’s your child be the designer and director of their very own puppet show. Your child can customize the interactive castle provided by the app, as well as control the sound effects, characters and props. Each puppet show can be recorded and saved.

SketchBook Pro [website] - this app encourages your child to unleash their creativity through drawing, painting, and sketching all on the screen.

For the budding engineer:

Simple Physics [Google Play] [iTunes] - an app for designing structures such as carnival rides and tree houses.

Trainyard [Google Play] [iTunes] - a problem-solving app that stretches your child by making them strategize and solve mechanical (train track) puzzles.

For the mathematician and scientist:

NASA [Google Play] [iTunes] - with this app your child can follow the latest NASA happenings such as news, videos, and images.


Use these ideas as gifts to help you and your child enjoy the holiday break, as well as get them excited to go back to school. Net Nanny’s learning center offers more resources and ideas for parents and children. Visit to learn more.

Happy Holidays!

***The information used in this article is from the Huffington Post