Becoming a Good Digital Parent

Jan 14, 2015

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Parenting has evolved in many different ways over the years. Back in the day, the only real worry parents had was what programs came on the television. Now, parents have to be worried about things their children see on the internet, iPhones and Androids, YouTube and Netflix, and video games.

Many say that parenting today is so much more difficult than years before. Despite all the advances in technology, parents can still take an active role in making sure their children stay safe in this digital age. While keeping up with technology is difficult, it is not impossible.

The first thing parents should do is know what devices their children use. Parents should know if their children are using an iPhone or an Android phone, or if their children play the XBOX or the Playstation. Each device is unique, so setting up restrictions for each device will be different.

Another thing parents should know is what social media their children are using. Some of the most popular sites include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Parents should consider making a profile on their children’s favorite social media and following them. However, parents should avoid “stalking” their children and keeping tabs on every little thing they do and post.

 If parents don’t want to sign up for a social media account, parents can consider installing Net Nanny Social. Net Nanny Social allows parents to know who their children’s friends are, know what pictures their children are posting, and can give alerts regarding their children’s activities on social media.

Communication with your children about the proper use of social media is important as well. Your children should know any rules you set and the consequences of breaking those rules. Make sure you follow through with the consequences when they do break the rules.

Consider installing an internet filter to prevent your children from accessing inappropriate material. Web filters like Net Nanny can block certain sites, such as pornography and other material not suitable for children, and can restrict access to the internet. Web filters are a great way to protect your children from the negative aspects of the internet.

Despite all the negative aspects of this digital age, there is so much that is good. The internet and other devices, when used properly, can keep people connected and can be a great source of entertainment. Let your children know about the positive aspects of the internet and become educated about both good and bad.